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I am an enthusiastic self-taught freelance photographer. 
I began shooting with analogue cameras and developed B&W prints in the darkroom in the early 1970s. During a long break I concentrated me to my real job as a software developer. In 2009, I restarted with digital camera in a small self-made home studio, shooting the girls next door. Since then, I live my dream with my camera. I founded “BlendePi” as the brand name for my enterprise. It is the combination of the German word for aperture and my nickname Pi (for Peter). 
The pleasure working with nice and amusing people and the challenge to become a recognized photographer, pushes my amateur status to a semi-professional artist. “I love to work in a relaxed atmosphere, with engaged and reliable girls”. I love to make women and men feel to be the sexiest they’ve ever been. Hopefully the aim of people by beauty and perfection will never end... 

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